Whether you have an existing small air conditioning system or a commercial refrigeration system it is paramount to keep your equipment maintained. No matter what business you trade in regular maintenance and servicing will keep your operations running as smoothly and keep running costs down to a minimum.

We use some of the best preventative maintenance products on the market today, and are lucky enough to work with industry leading manufacturers of these cleaning chemicals. This allows us to have the opportunity to have access to new up and coming products before they are realised for sale to try and test as well as keeping us ahead of our competitors in offering the best products for maintaining our customers equipment.

It is a common mistake to forget about preventative maintenance when everything is running as it should be, but when the system fails it generally costs more in the long run when it could have been avoided. We think it is always better to prevent a failure from happening rather than trying to solve it once it has happened.

A maintenance contract not only validates manufacturer warranties but also allows you to abide by current government regulations. Working with you during your maintenance package we can also keep you up to date on changes to legislations within the industry.

Temp technical are able to offer monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance schedules to meet your requirements. Some systems will need more frequent maintenance due to location and we will work with you to advise on how often your equipment will need maintaining.

We can also carry out annual leak checks for FGAS refrigerants within certain thresholds at specific intervals meeting current government legislations.

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