Domestic air conditioning

Single split systems:

Single split air conditioning systems are most suitable for controlling the temperature within one specific area. They require one internal unit and one external unit.

We offer various types of split systems which are suitable for domestic and commercial properties such as;

• Wall mounts

• Floor mounts (low wall)

• Ceiling cassettes

• Concealed ducted units.

And many more…

Wall mounted units are by far the most popular option and most cost effective, some even include colour options and built in Wifi control.

If you are looking for a more discreet system, we also carry out bespoke concealed ducted systems to suit your property.

Multi Splits:

Multi split air conditioning systems are a great way to control the temperature in multiple areas of your property without the need to have several outdoor units.

This is a perfect option for domestic properties that have limited space for the condensing units and reduces the aesthetic affects on the outside of the property.

With a multi split system you can connect between 2 and 6 indoor units to one outdoor unit. You can also have the option and additional capacity to add units at a later date if required. These systems allow you to have indoor units as small as 1.5kw for small rooms. This means you can run several rooms from one multi condenser.

Multi split condensers can also be connected to different varieties of indoor unit types, for example wall mounted in one area and ducted in another.

We have installed many of these systems in people homes in recent years and they are becoming a very popular option for domestic clients. If you are concerned about having lots of condensers on the outside of your house, then these could be a great option for you.


At Temp technical we are very conscious of making our installations neat and tidy. We offer our customers the option of having their air conditioning pipework, electrics and drainage all concealed in either black or white trunking.

This comes in either 75mm or 100mm and can be used internally and externally due to its UV resistant properties. It is possible to conceal up to 3 sets of pipework and services in 1 x 100mm piece of trunking and 2 sets within 75mm. Not only does this look a lot better on the outside of your property but it protects the pipework and services from the elements.

The black trunking blends in very well with most properties and looks similar to a drainage down pipe. The white trunking is great for blending in with white walls and rendered properties and is also suitable for use indoors when the indoor unit can’t be mounted on an external wall for example.

Commercial air conditioning:

Air conditioning within commercial premises is key to keep to your staff and your customers comfortable within your working environment.

It is no longer classed as a luxury to have air conditioning with the workplace, instead business owners and employers can see that having their staff working in a temperature-controlled climate are more productive.

We also understand that it is essential to have air conditioning in conjunction with certain refrigeration systems. For example, if you have a shop such as a butchers or newsagents with open fronted display chillers, the ambient temperature within the shop needs to be controlled to reduce the running costs and increase the working efficiency of the refrigeration systems.

If the ambient temperature is too high then the chillers will be running more frequently and for longer periods of time, this is in turn will increase your electricity bill and put you at risk of disruption to your business and loss of produce due to breakdowns.

Temp technical have a wide array of air conditioning options available for your commercial property whether it be an Office, Pub, Nightclub, Hairdressers/barbers, Retail outlets, Newsagents, Butchers, and many more. Our services include servicing, maintaining, remedial repairs, and new installations of all commercial air conditioning systems within the workplace. For new installations one of our experienced engineers will conduct a full site survey, to access and discuss your requirements and supply the best recommendations for what your needs are. We supply and install equipment from some of the world’s leading manufacturers such a Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric and can assure you that these are some of the best quality systems available on the market today.

If you have an existing system made by any manufacturer that is not working and having a detrimental effect on the running of your business our engineers will endeavour to carry out the required repairs if possible or provide an honest and cost effective solution to get your business back up and running normally.


Temp technical can also supply you with a maintenance schedule to cover the systems you have in your workplace, prolonging the life of your equipment and maintaining its working efficiency. One of our engineers will be able to recommend the best schedule for you whether its quarterly, every six months or annually. This all depends on the location of the unit and some systems will require more frequent servicing. Please see our maintenance page for more information.

For any further information about air conditioning please do not hesitate to contact us.