Commissioning of any system containing refrigeration or air conditioning is often overlooked and thought as an additional cost or time-consuming task. However, we see this as being very important, whether it is a new installation or a system that we have carried out repairs on. Failure to carry out commissioning can result in a shorter life span of your system.

Properly commissioned systems reduce energy costs and are easier to maintain and help minimise liabilities from refrigerant leaks. This in turn reduces the risk of loss of product and detrimental effects to the running of your business. Temp technical use the latest technology in monitoring devices such as digital gauges that can detect/monitor the slightest pressure decrease during pressure testing and leak testing, this allows us to be sure that the system is fully sealed at the time of commissioning before adding any virgin refrigerant. These also allow us to calculate accurate gauge readings and set up the running pressures of each individual system to suite.


If you have an existing Refrigeration or air conditioning system that needs to be removed Temp technical can help. We can provide a service that includes a full de-commission of the whole system that is currently in place. By law the removal of any Refrigeration and air conditioning system has to be removed by a certified company.

Our engineers are fully trained and hold the relevant certification to carry out the reclaiming of Refrigerant gases covered under FGAS law within the unit and pipework to be disposed of. We will also remove any units that you currently have in place within your premises.

Due to changes from the government within the FGAS regulations, certain refrigerants have either been phased out (banned) or are being phased out in the near future due to high GWP (Global warming potential). The use of HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) Gases such as R22 are now banned as of 2015, while it is still legal to operate your system the new changes within this legislation means that carrying out maintenance or repairs are limited.


This could mean that you are left without the use of your vital equipment and could have serious implications on the running of your business. It is your responsibility to arrange the removal of these systems by a certified company. That is where we come in, if you have an existing system that isn’t working and has a banned refrigerant within we can carry out the removal and provide the solution of a new system to be put in place.