Temp technical can also provide temperature solutions when it comes to Heat pumps and De-humidifiers. Whether you want to heat the water in your house, swimming pool or even garden pond, home to your precious Koi carp. Our highly experienced engineers can advise on the most energy efficient and cost-effective solution. Heat pumps are fast becoming the way to go in this day and age and are used in many situations. In times to come heat pumps will be replacing your standard boiler systems in new builds and the need for certified technicians to carry out servicing and repairs will be much greater, this is where we come in.

We also carry out servicing and repairs to all indoor and outdoor swimming pool heat pumps and de-humidifiers. Whether it is a remote heat pump for an outdoor swimming pool or an indoor heat pump and air handling unit for an indoor swimming pool we can assist your needs. It is essential to have a fully functioning de-humidification air handling unit within an indoor swimming pool environment to prevent excessive humidity and keep the air temperature above the water temperature maintaining the humidity at around 60% RH. If your de-humidifier fails humidity levels can increase rapidly, we provide a quick response time to reduce the time in which your system is down and reduce damage to your pool room.

Temp technical recommend that you have your heat pumps and de-humidifiers serviced annually to make sure they are working efficiently through the seasons. For swimming pools, we advise that you have your outdoor heat pumps serviced in APRIL / MAY and indoor swimming pool heat pumps/de-humidifiers in NOVEMBER / DECEMBER.

We can provide scheduled maintenance so for your piece of mind you know that your service is arranged each year without having to contact us. All we will simply do is send you a reminder notice of the date we intend to carry out the service, if the date isn’t suitable then we will adhere to your needs and arrange another day and time.

For any further information regarding heat pumps and de-humidifiers contact us on 0333 577 0996 we are happy to help.