Air Conditioning

Domestic air conditioning:

Air conditioning in the home is a great way to achieve a clean, fresh and comfortable living environment within a specific living area in your home.

We understand that the climate is changing all around the world and you may be thinking of the future too. This is where air conditioning gives you complete control over the environment within your home no matter what the temperature is outside. Whether it's the summer and you require cooling or winter and you require heating, we can provide a comfortable to solution to suite your needs. Air conditioning is an eco-friendly and energy efficient option to have within your home and will not cost excessive amounts to run if it is sized and designed correctly. We have carried out many installations in our client's homes such as bedrooms, living room areas, conservatories and loft conversions. Sometimes air conditioning can be seen as a luxury within the home, but we feel with today's climate it is becoming more of a necessity.

Temp technical can help you achieve your desired climate within your home, whether you have an existing system not working and requires repair, maintaining to keep optimum working efficiency or a new installation. Your requirements are the top of our priorities when it comes to deciding whether or not to invest your hard-earned money on air conditioning. We will conduct a full site survey to view, measure and discuss the area in which you are thinking of having climate control installed. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers will give the best advice to suit your requirements with the wide range of systems and the latest technology. We supply and install systems from some of the world's leading manufacturers such as Daikin and Mitsubishi electric and we are sure that you won't be disappointed in the decision to have air conditioning installed in your home.

Commercial air conditioning:

Air conditioning within commercial premises is key to keep to your staff and your customers comfortable within your working environment. It is no longer classed as a luxury to have air conditioning with the workplace, instead business owners and employers can see that having their staff working in a temperature-controlled climate are more productive. We also understand that it is essential to have air conditioning in conjunction with certain refrigeration systems. For example, if you have a shop such as a butchers or newsagents with open fronted display chillers, the ambient temperature within the shop needs to be controlled to reduce the running costs and increase the working efficiency of the refrigeration systems.

If the ambient temperature is too high then the chillers will be running more frequently and for longer periods of time, this is in turn will increase your electricity bill and put you at risk of disruption to your business and loss of produce due to breakdowns.

Temp technical have a wide array of air conditioning options available for your commercial property whether it be an Office, Pub, Nightclub, Hairdressers/barbers, Retail outlets, Newsagents, Butchers, and many more. Our services include servicing, maintaining, remedial repairs, and new installations of all commercial air conditioning systems within the workplace. For new installations one of our experienced engineers will conduct a full site survey, to access and discuss your requirements and supply the best recommendations for what your needs are. We supply and install equipment from some of the world's leading manufacturers such a Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric and can assure you that these are some of the best quality systems available on the market today.

If you have an existing system made by any manufacturer that is not working and having a detrimental effect on the running of your business our engineers will endeavour to carry out the required repairs if possible or provide an honest and cost effective solution to get your business back up and running normally. Temp technical can also supply you with a maintenance schedule to cover the systems you have in your workplace, prolonging the life of your equipment and maintaining its working efficiency. One of our engineers will be able to recommend the best schedule for you whether its quarterly, every six months or annually. This all depends on the location of the unit and some systems will require more frequent servicing. Please see our maintenance page for more information.

For any further information about air conditioning please do not hesitate to contact us.